Nighthawks Inc

Rebar Detailer

Rebar = Steel Reinforcing Bar

Detail =
1) To report minutely and distinctly
2) To assign a particular task
3) To furnish with smaller elements of design and finish {trimmings that detail slips and petticoats}
  a) intransitive senses: To make detail drawings


Nighthawk =
1)  a: any of a genus (Chordeiles) of American nightjars related to the whippoorwill  b: a common European nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus) 
2) a: person who habitually is active late at night
3) another dictionary that I have states: "1. any of several long-winged American goatsuckers..."    I had to throw that one in... I've been known as a lot of things, but never as a 'goatsucker'. 



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